Background and Experiences

Joe Kushuba is a retired executive from a large global marketing, engineering and manufacturing automotive company.  His holds a master degree in Organizational Development and BS degree in Industrial Engineering.  His educational and work experience background provides a unique blend of the soft sciences as well as the hard sciences that make him well suited for leading organizational change.

He has served as a Senior Advisor to several corporate CEO's, presidents and executive directors on matters surrounding large reorganizations efforts, global business strategy, organizational structure, decision support systems, business process reengineering,  information management technology, and financial budgeting systems.  He has extensive experience in team building, communication systems, conflict resolution, meeting management, and has led several large multi-national and global company mergers. 

Most recently, Joe has brought this strong business background to the world of condo associations, where he currently serves as the President of his condo Association since 2006.  It was here that here he was able to develop and test many of the concepts described on this site and in the books that he has published.
Joe believes he adds value to organizations by helping them to become high performance teams, learn at accelerated rates, or to simplify their business.
What Motivated Joe To Write This Start-up Kit?

If you are reading this, you are likely in the same position that I was in when I began searching for answers to help guide me in my new condo president’s job. 

Although I had the benefit of an extensive business background, I was not familiar with all of the nuances of condo associations and the unique challenges that it brought to the leadership position.  I certainly did not want to “reinvent the wheel” and was looking for best practices (Cliff Notes version) of what I should be doing.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find it.  It was not because there was a lack of information on every aspect of condo associations that you ever wanted to know about.  In fact, there was too much information!  It was almost as if you had to read the whole library to find out what you were looking for and none of it was in a “how to” format.  I didn't have the time or interest to do all this research and had no desire to become an expert in all phases of condo association management. 

But, eventually I did have to do it the hard way. After spending many long hours of compiling reference material and talking to experts, I had gained a solid foundation of what had to be done.  I then applied proven business practices to help establish how it should be done.  Finally, I was able to test it and validate it in the real world of my own condo Association.  What resulted was the product that I was looking for in the first place.

Now that all of the heavy lifting was done, I did not want others to travel this same route and decided to write this guide.  Probably one of the more difficult tasks was to keep it short, simple, concise and flexible enough to be beneficial to the average user.  I think it has struck the right balance between giving you the essential information you need to lead your association and doing so in a condensed and usable form.
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Creating High Performing Condo and Homeowner Associations
What Motivated Joe To Write This Cost Reduction Guide?

The current economic conditions are a huge threat to the viability of every condo and homeowner association.  Rising costs and increased fee payment delinquencies are forcing Board of Directors to take drastic actions to maintain the financial health of their company.  Yes, your association is a company and the problems that it faces are not so different than those faced by other companies.  If that is the case, why not use some of the proven techniques used by successful companies to reduce their cost structure?  That was the premise for writing this guide.

Since most association Board of Director members are non-paid volunteers, they may not have the knowledge, time, or expertise to address these very difficult financial problems.  As a senior level management consultant to many corporation CEO’s, Presidents, and executives, I had extensive experience on how to approach a systematic and company wide cost reduction effort.  As a current condo association President, I gained valuable insight into the intricacies and unique challenges associated with condo or homeowner associations.   It was only natural that I bring these two bodies of knowledge together and create a useful guide to help associations deal with this financial crisis.

Having experimented with many different cost reduction approaches over the years, the one presented has surfaced as one of the most successful in producing the desired results.  It is simple to use and flexible enough to meet the needs of any size association.  The bottom line is that it works and it will show you the way on how to reduce your condo or homeowner association costs.
What Motivated Joe To Write This Management Company Transition Book?

In any large organization, there are frequent changes in leadership due to quits, promotions, releases, retirements, and transfers. Every time this happens, new relationships must be established, expectations aligned and informal coalitions created. During this period the operational capability of the organization declines. In many firms, this is just a "normal" organizational cost. For some wise others, this is a point of vulnerability that has to be minimized.

When a condo or homeowner association hires a new Management Company, it is faced with the same situation.  It has a couple of choices.  It can expect that there will be a normal and lengthy transition period for the new manager to get up to speed, or it can treat it as vulnerability to be minimized and do something about it.

Having worked in the for-profit business world for many years, I have refined a successful process for transitioning new leaders into an organization.  Those same principles can be used by Management Companies and/or the Condo or Homeowner Associations that they serve.  Simply put, IT WORKS!  It is easy to follow and flexible enough to meet the needs of any Management Company or any sized association.  The roadmap has been created and the trail is easy to walk.  You will not be disappointed in the results that lie ahead of you at the end of this journey. 
What Motivated Joe To Write This Decision Making Book?

I have worked with many companies, Board of Directors, executives, and management teams all over the world, and I have seen good ones and bad ones.  A common thread with the good ones is that they are good decision makers.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that they only make good decisions, but rather that they can make bold, timely decisions, particularly in the face of uncertainty. Good decision making skills are a strategic asset to a company or business that should be nurtured and developed.  The same holds true for a condo or homeowner association.

Unfortunately for associations, they are made up of volunteers who are not typically career business leaders or managers.  They usually do not have access to the latest management training or skill development and almost never have the funds to hire a management consulting company.  As a result, things like decision making skills and the associated decision making process doesn't even get a sniff from the Board of Directors.

This book will help fill that gap. It draws upon some industry best practices and some proven tools and techniques.  I want your association and its BoD to be the best it can be.  Hopefully, this can help you to improve your decision making skills and that of your association.